End Yulin Dog Festival

Chinese Falsely Accuse Africans of being Dirty when they partake in the some of most uncouth practices: Dog and Wild Animal Consumption.

April 2020

We want Chinese individuals in the city of Yulin to stop killing poor and innocent dogs for their annual dog meat festival.

Dogs are treated inhumanely, are boiled, blow-torched, maimed and skinned to death. Every year, 20,000 dogs are killed for the purpose of the Yulin dog festival. Locals consume dog meat believing it is a delicacy.

In the most recent Coronavirus news, Chinese locals have resorted to blaming African/Black individuals for the spread of Coronavirus. It is widely known that Coronavirus originally spread from bats and other animals that were being studied in a Wuhan lab. The animals were discarded by lab researchers and sold to wet markets that sell wild animal meat to seeking individuals.  It is  abhorrent that Chinese individuals are now engaging in racism and pointing their fingers at black people.  In one video posted on social media, a black woman was seen being denied entry into a shopping mall by a security guard. 

A Guangzhou McDonald's restaurant resorted to banning black people from entering its restaurant.

Some Chinese citizens are discriminating against Africans and black individuals as Coronavirus cases reemerge in China. Africans living in China have spoken out and stated that they are being evicted from their homes and forced into quarantine.  


The cruel animal practices that take place every year in Yulin, China are beyond what anyone could imagine. China has no right to mistreat African individuals and paint them as "dirty" or "uncivilized" when they are boiling, burning and maiming animals to death. Dogs and bats are not food!


What's even worse is that Chinese government officials are failing to acknowledge that African people are being discriminated against. There seems to be a pattern of Chinese officials denying or being ignorant to occurrences of inhumane treatment, whether it has to do with humans or animals.  


In 2017, the Chinese embassy in London was contacted to ask them to help end the Yulin Dog Meat Festival. Unfortunately, the Chinese government failed to act and put a stop to this "cultural" tradition.  

It's 2020 and the zoonotic coronavirus disease first broke out in China due to inhumane eating practices which allowed for the spread of this disease from animals to humans. 

Their annual Yulin dog meat festival has not stopped and is approaching in June. We need this cycle to end. Mother earth does not appreciate the way in which its life forms are being treated. 

Let's put a stop to this. Tell China to stop the senseless killing of dogs for meat by signing this petition.  The petition needs 400,000 more signatures before it reaches it's goal of 4.5 million. 

In coming weeks, GLO will be collaborating with Duo Duo Project to figure out ways in which we can demand that the Yulin dog Festival end once and for all. 4 million people have already made their voices heard. 

Will you join us?

Get involved in this important initiative during this Earth month and sign the petition.

Sign the petition now: "Shut Down Yulin Dog Festival"