About Green lifestyle organization

Green Lifestyle Organization (GLO) is a non profit organization which was established in 2020. It was established for the purpose of green lifestyle and environmental advocacy, education and outreach.  The Green Lifestyle Organization was formed to create and execute initiatives and solutions to help resolve our planet's environmental issues as a collective through individualized accountability.
Green Lifestyle Organization is not solely focused on one specific area of the Green lifestyle movement but on the various avenues that embody and contribute to a green lifestyle.  By living a green lifestyle, we believe that we can protect earth and dissolve counterproductive activities that lead to a less sustainable world.
Goals of The Green Lifestyle Organization

a) Awareness: Green Lifestyle Organization desires to develop more awareness in individuals about living a green lifestyle This includes methods and ways on how individuals can lead a greener cleaner lifestyle.  G.L.O. is a vehicle of resources for all individuals who desire to understand the green lifestyle and become equipped with tools to help others We are committed to increasing awareness about the green lifestyle in communities facing economic disparities and in minorities.  b) Advocacy:  Green Lifestyle Organization's advocacy interests include animal rights, ethical fashion & beauty, climate change, clean food, health and toxicity and other environmental issues.  We advocate using various modes such as formal petitions as well as participation in organized demonstrations.  c) Education:  G.L.O.’s educational efforts are two fold. We contribute to education of the public on matters pertaining to the green lifestyle movement.  This is primarily done through writing and a news based model.  G.L.O. hopes to outwardly aid in the professional development and education of individuals of the public seeking to pursue higher education in fields that enrich and cater to the green lifestyle.  These fields include environmental science, environmental policy, conservation, natural health, alternative medicine, energy, water, animal rights, alternative nutrition modes (elimination, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free). 
d.) Partnership: G.L.O seeks to develop unity with green lifestyle leaders and change makers to propel the Green Lifestyle movement on. We seek to develop partnerships and camaraderie with like minded organizations, businesses and elected officials to help us eradicate and resolve real world issues that are in opposition to the Green Lifestyle.
Programs & Initiatives of Green Lifestyle Organization
 Green News Guide: The Green News Guide is our primary method for developing awareness and education concerning the green lifestyle movement.  The Green News Guide brings to the forefront current issues that involve the green lifestyle movement including but not limited to health, climate change, environmental issues, nutrition & diet, energy, wildlife and work & business. 
B.A.M.F.E.I.: The Beef and Meat Free Environmental Impact pledge is an evidence based initiative created by Dr. Mechelle Eleene for the purpose of helping to eradicate the current climate crisis and environmental issues. Since the onset of COVID-19, it has now been proposed as an action plan for the prevention of zoonotic diseases from causing future destruction to the human race. Through B.A.M.F.E.I., individuals pledge to go meat or beef free to lessen their carbon print.
Green Blessing Bags: Through GLO's Blessing Bag program, we seek to provide 10,000 blessing bags to homeless citizens in NYC within the next three years. We have created our 'Green Necessity' and 'Green Eats' Blessing Bags as a form of assistance to individuals facing homelessness.
Counteracting Animal Abuse: 'End Yulin Dog Festival' & 'Stopping Live Animal Exportation' GLOW aims to do everything within our power to ensure animals are treated properly and provided the opportunity to live a cruelty free life as any animal should.
Boycott Dubai: Dubai is an Arab Emirate which does not provide adequate rights where women and equality is concerned. Latifa, daughter of Dubai prime minister, has been held hostage and is currently missing. The country refuses to show signs of life of Latifa. Through #boycottdubai we're bringing awareness to issues surrounding the treatment of women in this emirate and to place pressure of the Dubai government to free Princess Latifa.
About the Founder
Green Lifestyle Organization was established in 2020 by Dr. Mechelle Eleene. She is a natural health practitioner, author and green activist.  She has been a fixture in the green lifestyle movement since 2009 when she embarked on her green lifestyle journey. She is passionate about helping others to live greener, cleaner and healthier lives. It is her mission to do all that she can to help this planet.