Blessing Bags

Green Lifestyle Organization (G.L.O.) is a promoter of green advocacy and philanthropy through Blessing Bags, one of our primary programs.

This brief section was written as National Homelessness Week in Australia ends. NYC is home to many but it is also a homeless haven.  In May 2020, there were approximately 60,000 homeless individuals living in shelters in New York city.  About 20,000 homeless individuals are children who reside in temporary living shelters. 

The exact number of homeless individuals who sleep in public areas around NYC is largely unknown but the amount is 60 percent higher than it was several years ago. This number is likely to be in the thousands.

As with any major city, homeless citizens can be seen on various NYC streets, landmarks as well as underground via the NYC subway system.  There are a myriad of reasons which can lead to homelessness of these citizens.  A few of these reasons include health problems, mental illness, domestic violence, addiction disorders or job loss. 

About a third of food pantries have closed their doors as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and as a result, homeless people do not have accessible food.

Blessing Bags is a very small 'blessing' in the form of a bag which is presented to a homeless person in need. At present, GLO creates two types of Blessing Bags.  The 'Green Necessity' Blessing Bag is filled with GREEN necessities and items that can be helpful to the person living in a homeless situation. The GLO would not give items to individuals that we would not use ourselves. Items, toiletries and necessities are clean and not laden with chemicals. The 'Green Eats' Blessing bag contains dried and sustainable GMO free foods that contain a longer shelf life.

GLO aims to give out 10,000 Green Blessing Bags within the next three years.  The bags are given out spontaneously and on an 'as needs' basis.  We hope to partner with DHH and supply them with our blessing bags in large quantities. 

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